Saturday, January 16, 2010

Trust vs fear.....

hii folks,
When you check out the meaning of the word "trust" in an Oxford Dictionary, you will find not one but many meanings to it. But for me "trust" is to allow without "fear", which means that fear and trust can't be together. Relationships are built on "trust" and not "fear". Fear is often used in conjunction with the word "Discipline". But both are entirely different and this is where people especially teachers fall in the trap. Very few realise that "Love" and "Discipline" can co-exist. Breakups, violence, suicides and all such ghastly things wouldn't have found their place in the dictionaries if people realise this often unsaid truth.
"Trust" is such a light word literally, but people have made it "Heavy" by adding "Expectations" to it. The sacred Hindu text "Gita" says the same, that do what you are supposed to without "expecting" results. So, in a relationship, love and take care of someone without expecting anything in return. And most often people like me and you do the same mistake of expecting something in return. And that's when "Trust" seems to be very precious, something which is not bestowed on others easily. "Suspicion" and "Doubts" often become the villain in this whole equation. But for any villain there always exists a "Hero" and to me that hero is " Forgiveness". To forgive is to love someone, to love someone is to trust someone, to trust someone we love is what "God" sent us for!!


Saturday, January 9, 2010

5 reasons why Chetan Bhagat should be sorry!!...

hii folks,
The year did start well for me. I started off the year with a trip to Mt Abu, a beautiful hill station in Rajasthan. On the way along National Highway 14, there also comes the beautiful hill Station Palanpur. The name Palanpur reminds me of Aamir Khan who portrays the role of a taxi driver in a town named the same in the movie "Raja Hindustani". And I suddenly think of the war of words between Chetan Bhagat and Vidhu Vinod Chopra et al. Indian media of late has been trying to sensationalise everything under the sun and Mr Chetan succumbed to media's relentless manipulation of 'Quotes'. Mr Chetan Bhagat has not been accorded the due credit especially when the "3 idiots" movie makers just say that the movie script borrows only 5% of Mr Chetan's national bestseller "Five Point Someone". By showing his credits in the far end when almost everybody is out of the theatre, the producers have set a bad example of acknowledgement. While the screenplay was entertaining and must be appreciated, what harm is there to acknowledge the Author's creation. Especially so when many scenes have been simply adopted from the book as it is. Even a child who has read the original book would agree that 5% of "Five point someone" is not "3 idiots". By apologising to the producers, Mr Chetan Bhagat has certainly had an insightful experience. An experience which amply shows that voices raised against 'Bollywood personalities' and 'Powerful politicians' alike would be suppressed with ruthless arrogance!! The digit 5 has somewhat proved unlucky for Mr Chetan Bhagat, why read on:
1. He's not a star in the true sense of the word.
2. He is under the misconception that any Indian has the "right to freedom of expression".
3. He chose to leave a fat paying glamorous Investment banking career and make a difference to the Society through his writings , which even a basic literate rickshawpuller can understand.
4. His new novel is set to become a huge success and people attribute this whole issue as an attempt by Mr Chetan to Publicise it widely. If this was the reason, why did his last book "3 point someone" was successful without these so called stunts??
5. He spoke his mind!!