Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sandeep calling Sandy

Sandy: Hey dude r u doing?
Sandeep: Hello sandy, I am fine how are you?
Sandy: Rocking mann.... Living an awesome life out here...
Sandeep: Cool, U must be enjoying a lot right!!
Sandy: Yup...Not like you mugging all the way in dat place...I forgot its name..wat is it?
Sandeep: My friend, it is IIM Ahmedabad. The toughest B School to get into.
Sandy: watever, I don't care. Its a damn assembly factory churning out nerds yearly....u guys r crazy abt numbers and money right!!
Sandeep: I beg to differ. You might be true in some sense, but we come out ready to face all the difficulties in life.
Sandy: nd in dat process u guys forget how to enjoy life... Thank heavens I haven't written CAT....Now u see I roam with hot chicks on my bike, have a fair job with a MNC.... nd u sleep hardly for 5 hours spoiling ur health...wat rubbish dude!!
Sandeep: Hmmm... I guess I shall also enjoy much more than you later.
Sandy: By the way, how many girlfriends do u have??
Sandeep: How many!! Are you nuts? I have friends some of whom are girls.
Sandy: I pity you dude... If u wanna learn some tips do call me... hehe :)
Sandeep: Thanks sandy. But I guess I won't need your tips.... I have lot more to do than just be desperate about girls.
Sandy: C'mon dude...don't sound like a loser... learn to enjoy mann.... when will you live life? After ur retirement??
Sandeep: Anyways, hows your family doing?
Sandy: Doing great, but as usual my dad's worried abt me. he's not even happy that I earn 3oooo bucks a month.
Sandeep: Anyways, keep in touch. Its time for me to go.
Sandy: bye dude... nd chill... U will realise this some day..

After a few years, somewhere in Goa:

Sandeep: Excuse me, can you book...... Hey, Sandy!! How are you? And how come you....Are you...
Sandy: Hi mann...Yup I am the receptionist here.... So you with your girlfriend?
Sandeep: No, I am with my family nd some of my dear friends for a holiday. I needed a break desperately...That's why I am here
Sandy: So how many rooms should I book?
Sandeep: 5 deluxe ones please
Sandy: Yah sure

After 4 hours

Sandeep: What happened Sandy?
Sandy: I am sorry yaar.. You were correct. I wasn't serious enough about my life
Sandeep: Hmmm.... Anyways I am happy now that you appear to be a changed man.
Sandy: I guess so... Working here since I left home... I couldn't stand my dad's taunts.. I wanted to prove him wrong
Sandeep: I am happy for you... So are you in touch with your family?
Sandy: I speak sometimes with my sis and mom... Haven't spoke with dad since days.
Sandeep: Then you must speak with him too.. He will feel good
Sandy: R u kidding me? Whose father will be happy to hear his son workin as a receptionist being overqualified for that?
Sandeep: Trust me, just make a call and speak with him now. My friends and parents are waiting for me at the beach.So got to go...

As Sandeep was walking down the street towards the beach where his friends and family were waiting for him, tears rolled down Sandy's eyes. He realised how his life turned upside down only because he failed to take his relationships seriously, how his so called Lady love left him because he was spending all his money on booze and pubs....Then something struck his eyes....A father was saying sorry to his son, who was upset that his father didn't buy him a Chocolate. As the father apologised, the son gave a big smile and hugged his father. He realised that it's never too late for a reconciliation.

Sandy: Hello, ma, how are you?
Ma: I am fine son, are you eating properly?
Sandy: Yah mom... ma, is dad nearby?
Ma: yah son, He's having his cup of tea...
Sandy: Can you put the phone on speaker mode?
Ma: Here you go...
Sandy: Hii dad, this is your son... Calling from Goa...
Father: Son........(Long silent pause....tears rolling down his eyes)
Sandy: I am sorry dad... nothing more to say.. I am working hard here....I am independent but I am missing you nd your taunts dad...
Father: (Wiping his eyes nd bursting to laughter)..... U haven't lost ur sense of humuor....Thanks to Jesus.... I forgave u long back..... Ur my son silly fellow... U came to this world because of me..How can I be angry with myself?? Haan....
Sandy: I have lost my golden years wasting it away.... Can I come home dad?
Father: U rascal, I will beat you again if u utter those words .....
And both of them burst out into laughter......

Sandeep: Hey come on, join us
Sandy: Yah .....
Sandeep: What happened? why are you looking at her that way? Isn't she "hot"?
Sandy: Hey, did you just now said "hot"?? I can't believe u said that....
Sandeep: Why, can't I say that my wife is "hot"? Haan....
Sandy: Mann...Is she your wife?? God bless you both...
Sandeep: Hey, something's wrong!! Where are your "Dudes" and "manns"??
Sandy: Thanks yaar...I spoke with my dad... Going permanently to home... I will find a job there itself and live with them...
Sandeep: I am so happy for you.... Nothing can be more precious than the love you receive from your friends and family.. I am happy you realise this...
Sandy: Yah I sure do now :)

PS: The above work is just an imaginary piece of fiction and bears no resemblance to persons and things whatsoever. Any sort of resemblance is just a mere coincidence.!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


hii folks,
I was in my room studying when my neighbour switched on the Television and raised the volume pitch high. I was annoyed, waited for him to realise that Fachchas are mugging up for the exams but in vain. I rushed outside with an intention to request him to lower the volume, but to my utter shock I saw the word "Bomb" on the screen and immediately realised that yet another terror strike has happened in a city where I spent the most important years of my childhood. Anyways, the dreaded feeling sunk in immediately, not because I was safe but because we are now habituated to hearing such "Breaking news"!!
Three days later, after the exams were over I went to the Himalaya Mall, a popular hangout place for "WIMWIANS" with my friends. I saw the watchman recklessly signalling me to enter through the Metal Detector. As expected it signalled me to stop as I was carrying some metal with me. But, the watchman was busy chatting with his pal and didn't bother to check me out. Now this is the state of affairs at a mall which is a highly vulnerable spot for a terror strike. It is our attitude that allows the perpetrators to strike at will. I was laughing at myself because I was about to watch MNIK which talks at great length about terrorism, and here I was in a mall where there's no security, waiting to be blown to smithereens.
Inside the hall, I vowed not to allow Karan Johar activate my Lachrymal glands. But soon couldn't help but shed a drop of tear. That's KJo for you. MNIK might appear to be a movie that glorifies the protagonist, but I see it as a creative expression of how Terrorism influences relationships and religion, captured in a subtle yet powerful manner on screen. As the movie came to an end, I saw a section of an audience clapping and wondered whether we Indians have forgotten how to appreciate, more so because none of us were. I agree some might have not liked the movie, but at least efforts made to highlight the theme can definitely be appreciated.
As I came out of the hall, my mind was clustered with various thoughts. Will we able to walk safely on the streets for a mile or two, five years from now? Would there be a place for "Trust" in the dictionary? Will India be as peaceful as Norway is? Will my city be filled with "Bad People" with a "no right to exist" for "Good People"? As simple as it may sound, but it takes a movie like MNIK to remind us that only two kinds of people exist in this world; "GOOD people" and "GOOD people who become BAD".
"We are born GOOD, we create circumstances that make us BAD"


Friday, February 5, 2010

Pigeon number 6109141.....

Hii folks,
This is Pigeon number "6109141", one of the many pigeons in the heritage campus of IIM-A. I wanted to share my harrowing experience today inside CR-8 which is supposed to be the elite section of students amongst the present batch of PGP students. I was happily flying and soaking in the fresh cool air, when from nowhere "Bluethunder" struck me. Yes, we pigeons are supposed to run for our life whenever Kites like "Bluethunder" choose us for a snack. It was my recklessness that could have landed me inside the long food tube of "Bluthunder", but somehow "Chidiyaatma" was on my side. For those who don't know who "Chidiyaatma" is, it is the equivalent of what you humans call as "Parmaatma".
As it was chasing me swiftly, I was flying faster than ever before, managed to ward off obstacles and trick it. But in the process, little did I realise that I would land up inside CR-8 whose doors were closed precisely by Prof XYZ, the moment I entered inside. The 90 odd Androids sitting inside trying to assimilate whatever the Prof was telling, was an overwhelming site to watch, one which scared the hell out of me. I spent around 2-3 minutes soaking in the surroundings and hopping here and there over the lights and the AC. There was no escape route for me and I was desperate to see the sun again. Those androids were now concentrating on me as I was disturbing and distracting them. But there were a few kind souls who were genuinely thinking of helping me out. Finally, I saw someone opening up the slits of a window, but alas I was too big to sneak in through and escape.
But the one thing I observed was the way those androids were struggling to decipher Prof XYZ's words of wisdom. Half of them were looking at me, half of them were mentally absent, half of them were acting as if they understood everything and only few understood everything. This is the state of things at the premier B-school in India. Who's to blame for all this?? Certainly not me!! I was only trying to escape death which I finally managed to, thanks to two pretty ladies who opened the two main doors through which I entered the "Cage" and who were genuinely concerned about me.
I am now genuinely thinking of shifting my base to a place called "ISB-Hyderabad" which is an equally beautiful campus as is IIM-A but where I hope to not find adversaries like "Bluethunder" and instead find a good faculty who can mould Androids into Humans because I believe only Humans will make the country I fly in, a better place to live for birds like me and for all living bodies in this country!!

PS: I would like to wholeheartedly thank taureansandy for leasing out this cyberspace to me for free and wish from the bottom of my heart that he fly very high in life and be the "Bluethunder" and not "Pigeon number 6109141"

Pigeon number 6109141