Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Yes we can...!!

hii folks,
18th December 2009, is one date which will remain memorable throughout my life, not exactly a pleasant moment though but for an entirely different reason altogether. That was the day when I saw the real India. I am able to write this blog, because I am in a position to write so. Didn't understand? You will understand when you see bonded labour writhing in pain while separating out raw cotton from dried cotton flowers, when you see farmers eating onions with thick bajre ki rotis, all this while ensuring good food for you and me. Believe me I had a hard time having bajre ki rotis during my field visit to a small village somewhere in rural Gujarat. You will understand when you see women stamping dung with their naked legs, when you see that children there chase stray dogs and cats instead of playing "Age of the empires" [read video games].
I saw desperation, but more than that I saw hope. Thats what made my field trip somewhat a pleasant than a ghastly experience. We saw how self help groups there run by women help each other by providing loans and insurance to the needy families. I understood why people say often that "Manav seva is Madhav seva". I was forced to question myselves" What am I doing for my country?". Living in the comfort of our homes we often don't realise that we have more than we require. On that trip, we actually saw how people were living happily in huts without TV, Computer, Refrigerator etc etc.. I was left wondering whether what these people do for entertainment!! Well I would like to give illustrations which I hope stimulate you to think of Nation and Family before yourself.
1. In a town here in Gujarat with about a lakh people living there are no domestic toilets. And there's only one public toilet which stinks. Quoting one of my able classmate here who said during his field trip presentation,"I want you to use all your 5 senses and imagine the stink out there in that *******" Manual scavengers here make a living by cleaning out the shit with their bare hands.
2. The Gujarat government doesn't hold Panchayat elections in villages out here. Instead a system of "Samras" is followed where Behen's [women] are elected to the Panchayat on mass consensus. But what we saw goes otherwise. Officially women are elected, but it's the Man who holds and runs the Panchayat. And these men either are the minions of BJP or Congress. So no development happens and the measly annual grant of Three lakhs released by the Government to the panchayat for development finally ends up in the accounts of the BJP/Congress or for smuggling illicit liquor.
3. Industrial sewage is dumped in the canals which end up in the Sabarmati affecting villages downstream.
4. In the Little Rann of Kutch, bonded salt workers toil hard to produce Salt and end up having severely frosted legs and hands which are later amputated to prevent infection. Try rubbing salt on your hands and legs and live a whole day without cleaning the hands or legs. You will realise that Salt is toxic to the skin!!
5. People who suffered in Godhra Riots still live on somebody else's mercy. Muslims there are referred to as "Refugees" by the so called Hindu Samaj sevaks!! One sex worker there describes how she ended up in a brothel because her own family refused to accept her. Her mistake was she was at the wrong place at the wrong time, so ended up being raped even while she was pregnant. The final result, dumping the still born foetus in the Trash.

But while I have been too frank in describing the reality of Apna Bharat Mahaan, there's still hope and there are saviours too. Miss Sonal, an M.Com graduate is the General Secretary of a women Self-help group which has in the last 15 years uplifted many families from the brink of extreme poverty to prosperity. I was in awe of her commitment and dedication to serve the society. Women members of that group now have in them what they didn't have previously- Self-belief and the Will. Each of them is a leader now and travels to cities alone, which previously was considered taboo in such areas. Each of them can boldly speak up to the the Revenue Mandal Officer and confront him for his inaction and callousness. What more does India require than this??
I realised there's no point making big promises which you can't fulfill. Do small things which meaningfully contributes to the society. I realise that my writing skills are my biggest asset, though still there's a lot of scope for improvement. And I intend to use this skill to make a difference. What do you want to do? If you have never thought about this, then think and act because its better late than never.

PS: I am proud to be the photographer who captured that pic above. "The older generation which is content and happy with the small things it has and the next generation that is eagerly looking forward to a bright future for itself"


Friday, December 18, 2009

Wildlife at IIMA...

hi folks,
It's been days since I have written something on Wildlife. Some events that have happened in my campus that I thought triggered my thoughts and here I am as usual putting those thoughts to words.
IIMA campus is a lush green campus and is in fact officially recognised as a Urban-forestry area in Ahmedabad. Home to about 25 species of birds including White Myna, Rock Pigeon, Common Indian Kite and most of all ' The White Rumped Vultures' which are on the verge of extinction, it spans about 55 acres. Evenings at the LKP lawns is usually a sight to watch especially with huge swathes of Swifts chirping and swiftly flying over the heritage structure. Their chirpings actually makes the place come out alive.
Oh!! I forgot to mention about the animal which is presently giving us a scare. The Langurs here measure about 7 to 10 feet from tail to head. And especially a huge adult Langur is enough to scare the hell out of you. All in all my campus is a Mini-forest with its own distinct ecosystem. You could see Kites chasing pigeons if you are observant and lucky!! Even the dogs chase you especially if you are savouring your Ice creams in front of them!! IIMA is specially looked after by The Gujarat state forestry department as its home to the highly endangered 'The White Rumped Vulture'. 'Prakriti', the nature club is also actively involved in spreading awareness about Bio-Conservation. Awareness and constant reminders are necessary even for intellectually briliiant minds like us because the hectic academic workload here gives us little time to explore the Campus. And I am pretty happy to be spending 20 months of my life here away from Pollution and honking Vehicles :)


Sunday, December 13, 2009


hi folks,
Its been days since I haven't written on anything serious as such. The other day my dad was enquiring about my blog and asked whether I was writing serious stuff or otherwise. I somehow managed to ward off his questions!! Though my blog is still not popular with my friends, but those who follow it have appreciated. I was looking for a source of inspiration and right this moment I am before you with my words straight from my heart.
Religion has always been a double edged sword. It has taught us compassion and also misled us. I just now remembered the 192 nation conference on Global Warming presently going in in Copenhagen where nations are set out to come to a consensus about how much emissions to reduce and whether to transfer the technology knowhow to poorer countries so that they at least get a chance to develop. A lot has been said about Global Warming being the greatest threat ever to the existence of humankind. And I too would like to believe so especially after seeing with my eyes what with the billowing smoke coming out from the chimneys doing to the beautiful clouds. This view from the window of a jet plane seemed to me like an aberration in the otherwise scenic earth I was watching. I realised how big our mother planet is. I realised that my outlook of the world is very skewed and narrow. I realised that nature knows no boundaries, no religion, no borders, no caste, no languages. It only knows the language of love. I instantly fell in love with her. And as my blog's welcome quote rightfully says "I am the citizen of the world". But the one thing that keeps bothering me is the fact that Global Warming is not that threatening as 'IT' is.
'IT' is TERRORISM. And before you think terrorism refers to the fighters fighting for JIHAD against the West, you are grossly mistaken. I mentioned the word JIHAD because terrorism is commonly associated with a MUSALMAN. Muslim religion is one of the most admired faith's for me. Similarly Christianity is a faith I admire. So let me quote the true interpretation of the word JIHAD
According to Beliefnet, 2 Al-Hajj Talib 'Abdur-Rashid, imam of the Mosque of Islamic Brotherhood in Harlem, NY, defines three levels of jihad -- personal, verbal and physical. Considering each in turn:
bulletPersonal Jihad: This is the most important form. This type of jihad, called the Jihadun-Nafs, is the intimate struggle to purify one's soul of evil influences -- both subtle and overt. It is the struggle to cleanse one's spirit of sin. In a brochure, the Institute of Islamic Information & Education describes several different contexts in which The Qur'an (the Islamic Holy Book) and the Hadith (the collected sayings of Muhammad) use the word "jihad" to refer to personal struggles:
bulletPutting "Allah ahead of our loved ones, our wealth, our worldly ambitions and our own lives."
bulletResisting pressure of parents, peers and society; strive against "the rejecters of faith..." (Quran 25:52)
bullet"...strive and struggle to live as true Muslims..."
bullet"Striving for righteous deeds."
bulletSpreading the message of Islam. "The (true) believers are only those who believe in Allah and his messenger and afterward doubt not, but strive with their wealth and their selves for the cause of Allah. Such are the truthful." (Quran, 49:15)
bulletVerbal Jihad: To strive for justice through words and non-violent actions. Muhammad encouraged Muslims to demand justice in the name of Allah. When asked: "'What kind of jihad is better?' Muhammad replied, 'A word of truth in front of an oppressive ruler!'" 3 According to the Institute of Islamic Information and Education: "The life of the Prophet Muhammad was full of striving to gain the freedom to inform and convey the message of Islam. During his stay in Makkah [Mecca] he used non-violent methods and after the establishment of his government in Madinah [Medina], by the permission of Allah, he used armed struggle against his enemies whenever he found it inevitable." 1
bulletPhysical Jihad: This relates to the use of physical force in defense of Muslims against oppression and transgression by the enemies of Allah, Islam and Muslims. Allah commands that Muslims lead peaceful lives and not transgress against anyone. If they are persecuted and oppressed, the Qur'an recommends that they migrate to a more peaceful and tolerant land: "Lo! Those who believe, and those who emigrate (to escape persecution) and strive (Jahadu) in the way of Allah, these have hope of Allah's mercy..."(Quran, 2:218). If relocation is not possible, then Allah also requires Muslims to defend themselves against oppression by "fighting against those who fight against us." 2 The Qur'an states: "To those against whom war is made, permission is given [to defend themselves], because they are wronged - and verily, Allah is Most Powerful to give them victory." (22:39) The defensive nature of physical jihad (or "jihad with the hand") is frequently lost among many, Muslims, Christians, secularists and others.

In her book "Muhammed," author Karen Armstrong writes: "Fighting and warfare might sometimes be necessary, but it was only a minor part of the whole jihad or struggle. A well-known tradition (hadith) has Muhammad say on returning from a battle, ' We return from the little jihad to the greater jihad,' the more difficult and crucial effort to conquer the forces of evil in oneself and and in one's own society in all the details of daily life."

JIHAD is a sacred word and is misused by the Media and a few people who were born good but turned evil due to circumstances. Terrorism refers to the atrocities committed by the CIA, it also refers to the atrocities committed by religious hardcore militants. And that is the reason why I believe terrorism is the biggest threat to humankind now. And its we who are at fault for this. When you point a finger at George Bush or Osama Bin Laden, remember three fingers point towards the self. How many of us would dare to adopt a small kid begging at the roadside?
If you ask me whats the link, here it is: You don't even bother to look at him leave alone giving a rupee or two, and instead curse him. What you get, the kid curses you and develops a grudge against the rich. Poor kid doesn't know that all rich are not like that. He grows up, becomes a man and in need of money he does things he oughtn't to. He goes on to become a hardcore criminal and ultimately ends up being a Terrorist. Dawood Ibrahim, Tiger Memon, Veerappan, Osama Bin Laden etc.
Even the imperialistic so called sons of the Anti-Aryan Race as proclaimed by the greatest dictator humankind has ever seen HITLER, are inadvertently being terrorists with their acts of inhumane tortures against suspects whose only fault is either being BLACK or being a MUSLIM.
If you ask me the only solution to this problem is LOVE. "Love and be loved". Even I am guilty because at times I have not done what I ought to or what I have asked you to. But at least I realise that the solution wrests on our actions and deeds. And I am trying my best. Are You??

PS: I hate the word TERRORIST but there was no other option but to use it so many times in this post!!


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Love vs Arranged......What??

DISCLAIMER: All thoughts expressed here are a part of the Intellectual property of the blog owner TAUREANSANDY. Any disagreement with the views of the author can be shared as comments in response to the post. Matters regarding this post are subject to the jurisdiction of Mr Sandeep who unfortunately remains the Alter ego of TAUREANSANDY!! So, the mention of the pronoun 'I' in this post refers to TAUREANSANDY.

When a baby smiles at you,
When a sister scolds you,
When a mother oils your hair,
When a father Asks you to study,
When a friend shares thoughts with you,
What are they doing?? They care for you, They LOVE you.

But I am not gonna talk about this love. I am gonna talk about love between a boy and a girl. Does love make life beautiful?? Indeed, say lovers. NO!!, say those who have failed in love. Love tastes bitter as well as sweet but nevertheless is a nice experience. I have seen many fall in love. Some failed. There's no answer to the Question 'Why do u love me??'. But still this question is being asked. So folks, lemme share something with you.

He was mad about her. He yearned to live his entire life with her. He dreamt a zillion things for her. But alas, he fails. The girl says NO!! Reasons- Career, caste. I won't mention parents here because they care for you and its their concern about you that's in conflict with Love and not them. Parents shall always welcome true love. So, he felt so disgusted about himself that a point came when he thought 'Have I made a mistake by loving her??'

So folks, the moral is Madness and Love are entirely two different things. Love expressed in haste seems like madness to others. So, experience love and love so deeply that it becomes irresistible. Love has to be mutual. So make sure you love but are more deeply loved!! Otherwise there's no other thing as painful as a Broken Heart.

PS: The guy above who failed in love has decided to go for an Arranged Marriage. Wise fella, I told him so many times that ARRANGED MARRIAGE is the best!! Then he didn't listen, now he is my mentee. HaHaHa .....Finally SANDYSENSE prevails!!

For taureansandy,

Thursday, December 3, 2009

In my dreams!!

hi folks,
There was a dream, a dream which he hadn't had so far while in sleep. So technically it remains a dream as it's eluded him so far. And the dream goes like this.......
Scene 1: He was successful. His career was going great guns. That day he was on a visit to a temple. He was alone and wished that there was somebody to give him some company. After the darshan, he sat on a corner. Suddenly he felt something behind him, he turned around to see a cute baby girl smiling and crawling towards him. He smiled back instantly, for a baby's smile is one of the rare things that make you happy instantly. He took the baby in his hands and started playing with her. "Bujji, ekkadunnavu"?? said a sweet female voice. He turned around and saw her coming towards him. His eyes got stuck, mouth wide open, heart beat faster and didn't even realise that the baby was demanding his attention, for his attention was towards the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She was approaching him. He was dumbstruck at her beauty. She was the girl of his dreams. "Excuse me, bujji ki meeru baga nachinattu unnaru!! hey bujji, raa amma, uncle vellali kada" and suddenly he realised he was no longer young enough to be called bhaiyya. Kids would now address him as 'UNCLE'. 'Oh god!!', he mumbled to himself. 'Thanks andi'.... He thought that the girl might be the baby's mother. He was wondering who the lucky guy to marry her was. 'Hope, I too marry a girl like her', he said to himself and stood up disappointed.

Scene 2: At home, his father presented before him a photograph asking him to have a look at that. "Dad, nenu inka pelli ki ready lenu. So please stop searching a girl for me." Then his mother shot back,"Ammayi photo chuddaniki em baadha ra niku. Just chudu anthe. Nee taste ento kuda cheppaledu kada nuvvu.!!" "Sarey chudamannavu ga, chustha" and he just glanced at the picture casually and then realised that he had seen her before. He carefully looked at the pic again and to his pleasant surprise, she was the same girl whom he met in the temple. "Ee ammayi aa, eemaki pelli kaleda??",he queried. His sister looked at him with a puzzled look.Little did she know what had actually transpired between him and the girl at the temple. He jumped with ecstasy and .............
The alarm clock breaks up taureansandy's dream!!

PS:- Folks, taureansandy nowadays is having daydreams!! Arey yaar koi usko samjhao ki khayali pulav naa pakaaye! Mera time waste kar raha hai yaar!!

For taureansandy-

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Jeetey Raho"

hi folks,
I am back. Enjoyed my stay at home a few days back and also realised how my family has played a BIG role in the success I have achieved so far, though stiil there's lot more to do. November 3 and 4 are the days which will remain etched forever in my memory. Because I experienced both agony and ecstasy. I am talking about the helluva experience of summer placements!!
And the story begins.....november 3, 2009: I was to report at 6.15 am to the IMDC auditorium and wait for my call to the various Company GD panels I was shortlisted in. But to my utter disappointment I was shortlisted in just two companies HUL and Coca Cola. Both were my preferred choices and I badly wanted the HUL job. But still the fact that others got 4-5 shortlists disappointed me. The next day i woke up at around 5.00 and by 6.00 I was ready looking great in the blazer suit. The suit gives you a lot of confidence and reminds you why you are among the elite ones from among 3 lakh competitors to pursue MBA from the best B-school in Asia. I was cool and reported on time. My first GD call was from HUL. I was in the first panel. But I was sent back and asked to come in the second panel as I was the tenth member and they wanted only nine in the first panel. And when my GD started, I don't know whether my points were not good or whether group dynamics did me in, I couldn't make it to the second round. That came as a rude shock!! While I was sulking, I was called for the Coke GD after 3 hours which seemed eternity to me. The GD was actually a group task. I thought I did good, but the recruiters thought otherwise. Coke gone too. But still I waited for another two hours hoping I would be in the extended shortlists, but to no avail. I gave up. I had almost forgotten how to face failure, and so I was expressionless, emotionless. I went to my room and slept off, deciding not to study anymore for the interviews. That night Dad spoke to me and I felt better. And then I decided that let the summers go to hell!! I was probably stressing too much for the jobs that give Pre-placement offers. I decided to let go and that night I got 6 shortlists.
november 4, 2009: I reported in the morning and started giving GD's one by one. 5 hours later, I finished giving the last GD. I had finished the last fourth GD as the other two were direct two round interviews. And to my utter despair, I couldn't manage to make even a single second round. Now my only chances were ICICI Prudential and AIRTEL. Half an hour later, I heard somebody announcing "Kothapalli Sandeep-ICICI Prudential". I composed myself, went to the toilet and readied myself. At the interview room, two girls were there. I realised both of them were my batchmates who were placed the day before. They both wished me good luck and I suddenly felt good. [ Probably because both were pretty and hot!! ]. Fifteen minutes later I came out with mixed feelings. I had done well, but couldn't answer a technical question. I was praying that I get this one because ICICI was a respected company and offered me PPO. Half an hour later, the placecommer announced "Kothapalli Sandeep-ICICI Prudential". I laughed and declared that I have already given the interview. He laughed back at me and said that this is the second round!! I was shocked and .......shocked. I said to myself " C'mon Sandy". The second round was over in ten minutes sharp. I felt I flunked it cos I couldn't believe that he could judge me in ten minutes though he spoke positively. One hour later I was standing and waiting for my AIRTEL call when the placecommer announced "Kothapalli Sandeep [ He pronounced my surname in a weird manner and I felt like flattening his nose out!! ]- Central Tracking" I punched my fists. Yes, I got the job and that too in the marketing role which was what I had desired. I am proud I am the only Marketing guy among my dormmates placed in the summers. All others are the finance and consulting guys.
That moment was pure ECSTASY. It was Deja Vu. The true Sandy was back to his wits.
And Suddenly I thought the Divine Power blessed me saying "JEETEY RAHO"-The tagline of ICICI Prudential.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Was I a thief ??

hi folks,
This standard greeting will follow you in all my posts much the same way as thefts and thieves have followed me all these while. My tryst with thieves have been funnily painful, as in the way that I couldn't do anything about them, let alone report those thefts to the much feared POOOLEES THANA!! Allow me to describe the three encounters that I had with thieves whom I have never seen till date.
16th June 2003: In spite of mom saying that I should take the seven seater to the school, I took out my bike [ read bicycle ] which was shining as if new. I had cleaned it the day before and so it was ready to take me to the school where I had to complete my admission formalities to join eleventh standard. I parked it outside the school gate and went inside. After one hour I came back outside and needless to say the rest is history. It was very hard for me to forget this loss, as I often used to dream riding the bike to school on seeing others do the same.
25th May 2006: In november 2003, I won a bicycle as a consolation audience prize in 'The Hindu Quiz'. And again after enjoying it for three years, one fateful day I parked it inside my enginering college campus. Later in the evening, I found it missing. Rather I must say it was stolen. I couldn't even shed tears as it was raining. Drenched fully, I was left recalling the same experience I had precisely three years ago.
14/15 November 2009: I boarded the Navjeevan express from Warangal at 2015 hrs on my way back to IIM A. Dad wanted me to take the flight but I insisted on the train taking the cost factor into account. Never ever did I knew that this trip would cost me more than the flight ticket. The dates are ambiguous because the theft happened around midnight when I was fast asleep on the top berth. After having dinner, I slept at 2200 hrs. At around 0300 hrs, I woke up and came down to check my luggage. I had chained my two suitcases earlier. The one which had my laptop,passport and my new jeans along with some clothes was .... The other one was safe. I don't know whether the thief had any X-ray glasses with him or what, but he got it right. The chain was broken with the lock intact. Within a few minutes the railway police came, and the rest 17 hrs that I spent in the train was no less than hell for me. I could neither cry nor remain depressed for there were other passengers in the coach who knew about the theft. But fortunately not many were aware that I was the one. I experienced first hand how the police officials start their investigations. They do nothing but write a report and wash their hands off the matter.
And my life goes on... I wonder sometimes whether I was a thief in my pichley janm mein. And there's a pattern to these thefts. They have occurred right after three years and the value stolen physically and emotionally has only increased. And the funny part is, in all these thefts I had with me the keys to the locks which are now useless. I hope like the movie 2012 which depicts the destruction of earth in the year 2012, the same year which is 3 years from now doesn't bring with it yet another theft in my adventurous life!!


Friday, October 30, 2009

Woh beete pal....!!!

hi folks,
Before I start studying 'again' for the exam tomorrow morning, I just wanted to share this with you all. By the way, though the exam is an open book one, it sucks!!
I am sure you all must have experienced sweet and cherished childhood moments in the past. Now whenever I am stressed out, I wonder how carefree and tensionless life was when I was a child. Alas!, that's not the case now with even a UKG student now carrying a bag which is much bigger than his size!! The point is that the friends you make when you are a child, the sweet moments you enjoy together are somethings which never come back. But what happens when you by a strange quirk of fate are no longer with your close and sweet friend(s). That's what happened with me 8 years back when my Dad got transferred honouring IAF's orders. I could never recover from that sudden twist in the story and it took me another 3 years to again make such good friends who are now close to my heart.
I am forever indebted to Mr Orkut Buyukkokten for creating such a wonderful socialising network. I was always under the impression that it was meant to only find new friends or establish contact with existing friends, until I found my classmates from my earlier school 8 yrs back and finally I got in touch with the same close and sweet friend about who I was talking about before. I was so happy, I mean genuinely happy talking with her and reliving those old memories and learning about new developments in her life. 8 years is a long time but not long enough to change the dynamics between us as we instantly bonded with each other, as if I spoke to her just yesterday only. I experienced such a feeling for the first time and was excited beyond measure. Hoping that such instances happen with me more often.
"Aakhir duniya 'Hope' pe hi tho chalthi hai!!"


Why TAUREANSANDY created this blog??

hi folks,
Huh!! These exams... and now the blogger is back again. After all those senseless and not so useful posts about his life at WIMWI, finally comes a post which will tell you why "TAUREANSANDY" created this blog. Hmmm.. During the days when he was having a not so rosy time with CAT classes and weekly AIMCATS which spoilt his once upon a time "funny sundays", he was particularly inspired by "nocabbages". Now if you are wondering who "nocabbages" is, well he is a no nonsense guy with incidentally a great sense of humour. A true scholar, jack of all trades and master of none. But that's what makes him so special because he knew "everything under the sun" [ a phrase which was his mantra at the coaching centre ]. And with his amazing story telling abilities, he could easily demand your attention to his talks which were mostly on topics which the present COOL and SEXY generation find the least interesting. Of course, the blogger also belongs to this generation. But he doesn't consider himselves cool and sexy!! Why?? Only he knows.
Well coming to the point, blogger wanted to have his own blog just like "nocabbages" has. Well till now, a blue coloured diary had the privilege of storing blogger's thoughts. But now that diary is crying cos his Black colored Presario has the privilege. Blogger has created this blog because readers like you appreciate. But his blog doesn't have many followers. This is an area of improvement on which he's working currently. And somehow he has this hunch that this post was his worst ever. What do the reader's say? Do let him know your comments, so that I don't have to waste my time typing all this once again "senseless sense" for him while he's away enjoying a date with his new "GIRLfriend". :-P
P.S: "TAUREANSANDY" is my alter ego!!

For taureansandy-

Friday, October 16, 2009

The memoirs of an underdog....

Hi folks,
First of all I wish all the readers many many bright wishes of DIPAVALI. May this Dipavali bring lots of prosperity and wealth to all.
Today has been yet one of those days, when you want to cry but tears won't come out. During the course of the 121 days I have spent in WIMWI so far, lots of such days like today have come and gone by. Days when nothing goes right for you, however hard you may try. The journey from a Victor to an Underdog has been nothing short of a bumpy ride with an initial free fall. Once a Victor I was before stepping into this campus, and the transformation to an Underdog has been painful yet insightful. An experience you would never enjoy, however happy go lucky type you are.
This is my first Dipavali outside home and I don't know why I am missing home much more dearly than ever before. Probably because its very difficult to find a shoulder to cry on in WIMWI. Not that you won't get anybody who can comfort you, but your ego comes in the way when you want to shed tears. Unfortunately I have that. I have tried hard to shed tears, but somehow you are supposed to be strong and mature to handle such difficult situations. So am i trying hard to stay calm and composed.
That's why people often say that you have to be careful when you are at the peak of success. The feeling when you are up there is exhilarating, but the moment you lose control and gravity will control you. I have had a similar experience here. The first fall smashed my confidence. But that experience made me humbler than ever before. And from there on I fell many times, but I guess I have got used to this process. I am no longer in the limelight as I was before coming here. The intoxicating potion of limelight and success is very dangerous. But the one thing I don't like is that when you become an underdog, people don't take you or your views seriously as has happened with me. Making friends here in WIMWI is easy, especially when you are a super performer. Making friends is also easy for someone like me. But making genuine friends for someone like me becomes all that much more difficult because I am competing with time and that's what is now not with me to socialise with friends.
I guess I have never been so serious in my posts ever before. But I thought of sharing my views here with a hope that there are people like me inside WIMWI, with a hope that I am not alone. Otherwise the proposition that everyone is excelling here just seems frightening to me now!! I am trying to excel here, and the learning process is constantly happening. But the GRADES act as brakes in this academic journey. I don't know who invented these GRADES, but would certainly like to meet him/ her and say "A GRADE is neither the true measure of learning nor success".
But one thing is for sure. I can now understand how it feels to be an UNDERDOG. It's great because I have nothing to LOSE now and everything to GAIN!! :)


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Placecomm NB se Juice NB tak.....

Hi folks,
Taureansandy is back with yet another JUICY post this time. Why JUICY? Read on.
When I first Installed Dbab in my laptop, I was wondering if this so called mini messenger was really required. I was in the wrong impression that the institute mail would be sufficient for communication. And after a month or so, I realised that Dbab is a world in itself. A world where the intellectuals [ muggus ] share their INSIGHTS and CONFLUENCE of ideas takes place. A world where the barrage of 'annadata' related queries result in total CHAOS. Hmmmm, this is also the world where when Cupid strikes [ which rarely happens, given the workload!! ] or when sweet MADNESS strikes [ which usually happens ], flow of 'Meri pyari blah blah blah' takes place. There was a time when I used to laugh at all this and wonder whether Dbab really serves the purpose or quoting somebody ' Dbab is nothing but a useless energy sapping software '. But with the hectic activity going on in the 'annadata' NB and with so many queries getting answered, I realise that Dbab is a Vintage Lambi Race ka Ghoda. 'Bahut Upyogi aur kifayati bhi!!'
And today something happened which I never ever in my dreams had imagined of. A long Juice as IIM ki Junta calls it posted to my classmate!!, that too from my Dbab account. I wonder whats going to happen now, but hope that the workload which we have saves me. And if you are wondering how does WORKLOAD fit into this puzzle. Hehehe :) ......, simple. More the workload, less will be the time available for the junta to even have a look at that long emotional creative but mischievious work of hindi prose. I wish my hindi was as strong as that is displayed in it. Otherwise ' mein musaafir, pyaar ki talaash mein ' wouldn't have landed up in WIMWI!! Hahaha, at least I hope the hindi I used above does justice to my ever continuing efforts to master it. :-)


Friday, October 9, 2009

Saralda ke class ki Saral kahaani!!

Hi folks,
The digital clock in our class was displaying 11:55 and there cometh the professor. The one who literally scared the hell out of me in the first class itself. The fear was consolidated when in one fine class he was standing besides me to see what calculations I was doing as per his instructions. His mere presence was enough to blank out my mind. He chided me and I felt like crap, though eventually I completed the task and spelt out the answers. Then my quiz went horrible. Things were looking pretty bad in this subject and then a single lecture by him one fine day changed my as well as everyone's perspective. The professor suddenly had unleashed his new avatar. Nobody dared slept in his classes because nobody wanted to miss the action. It was like watching an action packed thriller right inside the AC classroom. Nobody knew when he would crack a joke amidst a serious discussion going on. His ability to involve the whole class is simply incredible. And today's lecture was unarguably one of the most memorable lectures I would remember till eternity. I am sure readers here would unanimously agree to this. And if you are wondering who this wonderful amazing truly brilliant [ add all the adjectives you want and still those won't be enough ] scholar [ not a professor mind you!! ] is......
He's Saral Mukherjee who has this incredible ability to make his lectures very 'SARAL'. Hats off to you sir. Junta from now on would eagerly await your lecture for days to come. Yehi hai Saralda ke class ki Saral Kahaani !! :) And if you are thinking why I called him a scholar instead of a professor, then introspect and you will 'SEE THE LIGHT'.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Silence is golden, Sleep is Platinum!!

Hi folks,
Over the past few days, I have steadily gained a reputation of falling into deep slumber during lectures. People were wondering How I could manage to catch some z's in the marketing lecture which everybody is supposed to sit up and listen ATTENTIVELY!!. People were counting me alongside some well known Sleepcatchers in our class.
There was a time when I was the lone warrior warding myself from sleep whereas others used to happily doze off in my engg lectures at college. Now life has come a full circle with me getting involved in the so called enviable act in the class. Today I did something which I am proud off. I managed to listen all the lectures without falling into the TRAP!! HahaHa!! Yup, and I would like to thank TEA from the bottom of my heart for helping me ward off SLEEP. I decided to try out TEA during breakfast, and EUREKA!, it worked wonders. On the contrary guys who used to chide me for falling asleep fell into the trap themselves today. What a sight it was for now it was my turn to avenge the humiliation I suffered all these days. Just kidding folks :). But on a more serious note I realised what lack of sleep can do to your body, both physically and mentally!!
" The one who can manage to sleep 8 hours daily in IIMA will be the ONE".


Monday, October 5, 2009

The week that was......

Hi folks,
Kya kahoon. The last week was one of those rare weeks which would remain etched forever in my mind for years to come. Should I be sad or ecstatic about the events which happened with me last week?? My dormmate and batchmate at IIM-A, "GaaGu" as we fondly called him in our dorm suddenly expired last week. The turn of the events was so unexpected that everyone was in a state of shock. We, his dormmates knew he was ill and had been admitted to a hospital. But everyone was thinking that it was a normal illness and he would recover and come back soon. It was sunday and I was in the CyberLab when I received a DBab unicast from my friend saying that GaaGu has been put on a ventilator. I was shocked and we first decided to visit the hospital to check him out. Then the plan was cancelled as the visiting hours were over. We decided to visit him the next day. Little did we realise what was in store for all of us.
GaaGu was a shy and reserved guy. Typically the one who takes his time to open upto people. A 9 pointer at IIT Madras, Inter-IIT TT champion, winner of many prestigious quiz competitions and many more. He was born to excel in Acads. But yeh Zindagi bhi ajeeb hai na. Jisko mauka chahiye usko deti nahi hai!! He was special. So special that God wanted him dearly, and so he took him away. The after effects of his demise were starkly visible in the dorm. For about two days, the dorm was in such a silence mode that the ambience was frightening. Nobody talked. The silence was truly frightening. But we realised we had to move on. I for a moment realised that the hectic and the rigorous schedule we are subjected to here can make us forget the importance and the value of life. And GaaGu's demise was one such event which inadvertently made not only me but everyone else realise that its important to just feel alive, Just breathe in a whiff of fresh air and remind yourself that you are alive. We have been so busy that we have forgotten to remind ourselves that we are ALIVE. Life is not to be taken for granted but alas, we are doing just that.
I mentioned the word ecstatic because after a gap of full 8 years, I again got in touch with my dear childhood friend. The medium was ORKUT. It felt great when I received a call from --- and we together relived those old golden memories. I can't describe how happy I was talking with my long lost dear friend. Truly Ek na ek din tho milna hi tha, kyonki yeh zindagi bahut choti hai aur hamein kai baar milna hai. Sounds familiar right. Yaah!! An easy one. This is the dialogue from HUM TUM. By the way You guys/gals wanna hear what happened to HUM TUM after their visit to WIMWI. Then follow my posts to hear the news soon. Hum had come just yesterday in my dreamland and narrated his -----iful experiences with TUM in WIMWI, while we were busy mugging during our Slot 2 exams!!


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Indian Military Vs Indian Society

Hii folks,
The other day I was watching this excellent movie "Shaurya" starring no superstars as such. But it packed quite a punch and effectively delivered the intended message. I was left wondering whether our armed forces are still the bearers of moral ethics and conduct. I am not being cynical here, because of late the number of cases of sexual harassment, rape, extrajudicial encounters ( read executions ), fragging and acts of treason, all involving soldiers of the Indian armed forces are increasing.
One might argue that this is the case with every country in the world. But we are not any country, we are India, which has a reputation and decorum associated by way of its noble deeds and bravery. We are losing the battle to terrorism and naxalism and the biggest of all evils-communalism. And the only antidote we have is the armed forces of our country. If we are to survive and grow as a nation, we must seriously introspect and look at the reasons of growing dissent amongst the soldiers. The primary reason I feel is the inability of the soldier to support his family financially. A typical Indian soldier will live in the harshest of the conditions provided he's in the right frame of his mind. And when thoughts of his family members not being able to eat 3 times a day, his wife struggling to pay their children's fees etc, then he's not to be completely blamed for the frustration which he shows on others through his actions that can reach the scale of unimaginable frightening proportions sometimes.
What should the government do in this case? Increase the salaries provided to the non-commisioned soldiers. But before that launch an active campaign to promote the armed forces as a lucrative career option amongst the youth. The manpower shortage will decrease and the burden in the present workforce shall lessen progressively. Why doesn't the government show ads promoting the armed forces in the prime time slot on television and radio channels?
I was and I am passionate about armed forces and though I missed my chances, but still would like to experience in layman terms "The Military life".


Saturday, September 5, 2009

On a more serious note.......

Hi folks,
Well it seems my very informal style of writing with lots of full stops didn't go down well with some readers or that is what I inferred from the feedbacks which I received. But I was appreciated for the content and generous doses of humour I try to put in my posts. Thank god I got some conditional positive strokes at least. So here I am writing again but this time taking care of every punctuation mark that I can !!
It was during last week, when it was raining a lot here at campus that I realised I haven't fully explored nature inside the campus. I was walking in the corridor at LKP and suddenly I noticed a Lapwing running on the lush green meadows looking for food. It was a visual treat to say the least !! Its been years since I have watched such exotic birds anywhere. I am quite sure there are many such birds out here. I have heard there are also Vultures inside the campus. Would love to watch one soon, if TIME permits. Perhaps I am making an excuse, I have to make time if I am really interested right !! With exams approaching, and the placement season starting soon I wonder if its of use nurturing such ambitions of bird watching etc etc. But who cares anyway, the CT guys use plastics as if they are gifted to them by GOD himself. One whole plastic cover for a small cup of Cold coffee. Does that make sense? But who cares ! I have seen people locking their rooms with the lights and fans still operating inside. But who cares anyway? The institute pays the bill right, or we have paid the bills right (read fees) !! I don't have the moral authority to preach because there have been instances where I was also guilty of not turning off lights when attending nature calls !! But folks, lets act like WIMWIANS yaar. I heard somebody commenting " What is this bullshit Vulture awareness week?" after he saw the poster near the mess notice board. Guys if you can't appreciate nature, then at least don't make such irresponsible comments. That's the least you can do for Mother Nature.
One fine day we all shall end up there from where we came from-"MOTHER NATURE".


Sunday, August 30, 2009


And here comes Varun devta inside WIMWI!!'s been pouring here since the last two days nd suddenly you find more umbrellas than dogs here!!....dats wat I felt especially with the canine population increasing exponentially in the last three months.....Yesterday I was walking in front of the main gate when I saw two Pigeons fighting with each other...I was wondering if this acads workload has had a deteriorating effect on may ask how does acads got to do with fighting pigeons....these pigeons got their due share of attention when v fachhas were free, but now with quizzes, assignments nd rain hardly anybody is seen out these probably these pigeons were fighting to seek some attention cos anyway v won't feed them food right!! let them fight at least for some attention......remember Maslow's hierarchy of needs.....hmmm....all this reasoning sounds weird right....yah I know cos dats wat this workload has done to my small brain....
Remember HUM-TUM!!....according to my very reliable source of information, ( this news was reported by my alter ego ven I was in the dreamland of Financial markets!! ) they are coming to WIMWI next year to actually preach dat ek Ladka aur Ladki kabhi bhi ache dost nahi ban sakte!!...sorry gals, I know you all vehemently oppose this proposition.....I would like to restate this fact " Ek ladka aur ladki ache dost tab nahi ban sakte jab dil mein kuch aur ho aur bahar se kuch aur ".......I just pray dat HUM-TUM ki " Dosti-LOVE" udaan sankhya "143" gets delayed indefinitely 'cos they won't get the time to even fight properly with each other @ WIMWI!!.......I know I am exaggerating the pressure vr facing here but still its our moral responsibility to forewarn HUM-TUM dat life here is not hunky-dory....right!!


Friday, August 28, 2009


hmmmm....first of all forgive me for the innumerable punctuation errors that I am gonna make while writing this.....Kaun Kambakht punctuation ki parvaah karta hai especially when ur a 'PARTICIPANT' @ IIM-A.... yet another day ven I screwed up my quiz.....yet another seems to be mechanical here, but yet its interesting....everyday u get either a shocker or a nice surprise( though dats rare with surprise quizzes hiding inside the Microsoft Word package designed by Mr BILL GATES' servants whom I am beginning to despise of late!!). Everybody seems to b in a hurry nd yet seem relaxed while discussing acads. Talking abt gals, they are no longer the MINORITY here....they r beauty with brains nd dats a deadly combo....the other day I got two calls from the Ladies' dorm nd supposedly both of them were not for me but for some other guy.....I had to explain to them dat the other guy is not me nd his number is ****.......watever, I found myself feeling jealous of dat other guy who no doubt is a charmer!! I will be unfair if I focus on the gals here.....talking abt boys.....ok ok 'ourselves'....v r a bunch of crazy maniacs working our ***** off in making a rich ( say money ) career.......more than half of us would end up in of them would bcum shubhchintaks for their clients( read consultants )......arey marketing waale kahaan gaye yaar koi bhi nahi dikh raha hai!! does 'Operations management' exist here??......Sorry folks I forgot abt ENTREPRENEURS( hope i spelt it right ). they r the ones who r the future 'mai-baaps' for thousands of berozgaar people. Seriously guys, we require a lot more of them than we have now.( No punctuation errors in the last sentence, cos I was serious :)...)......lets pray for our ourselves dat we wear the ' PGP1 Survivor' tags with pride next year.....nd let me reaffirm dat I meant no offence to anybody....this was my precious chance of displaying my 'sms'ing skills in english which I acquired while chatting with friends......All the best junta for ur summer prepns....Arey yaar woh toh bahut door hai na......I should say the coming end term right!! take care nd sweep out the SWINE 4m the campus!!


Friday, July 10, 2009

life @ iima

Its been days, since I have blogged. Anyways very few have seen my blog!! So doesn't matter!!. haha:-). Life here is a mixed bag. Follow my next blog for deeper details.