Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Jeetey Raho"

hi folks,
I am back. Enjoyed my stay at home a few days back and also realised how my family has played a BIG role in the success I have achieved so far, though stiil there's lot more to do. November 3 and 4 are the days which will remain etched forever in my memory. Because I experienced both agony and ecstasy. I am talking about the helluva experience of summer placements!!
And the story begins.....november 3, 2009: I was to report at 6.15 am to the IMDC auditorium and wait for my call to the various Company GD panels I was shortlisted in. But to my utter disappointment I was shortlisted in just two companies HUL and Coca Cola. Both were my preferred choices and I badly wanted the HUL job. But still the fact that others got 4-5 shortlists disappointed me. The next day i woke up at around 5.00 and by 6.00 I was ready looking great in the blazer suit. The suit gives you a lot of confidence and reminds you why you are among the elite ones from among 3 lakh competitors to pursue MBA from the best B-school in Asia. I was cool and reported on time. My first GD call was from HUL. I was in the first panel. But I was sent back and asked to come in the second panel as I was the tenth member and they wanted only nine in the first panel. And when my GD started, I don't know whether my points were not good or whether group dynamics did me in, I couldn't make it to the second round. That came as a rude shock!! While I was sulking, I was called for the Coke GD after 3 hours which seemed eternity to me. The GD was actually a group task. I thought I did good, but the recruiters thought otherwise. Coke gone too. But still I waited for another two hours hoping I would be in the extended shortlists, but to no avail. I gave up. I had almost forgotten how to face failure, and so I was expressionless, emotionless. I went to my room and slept off, deciding not to study anymore for the interviews. That night Dad spoke to me and I felt better. And then I decided that let the summers go to hell!! I was probably stressing too much for the jobs that give Pre-placement offers. I decided to let go and that night I got 6 shortlists.
november 4, 2009: I reported in the morning and started giving GD's one by one. 5 hours later, I finished giving the last GD. I had finished the last fourth GD as the other two were direct two round interviews. And to my utter despair, I couldn't manage to make even a single second round. Now my only chances were ICICI Prudential and AIRTEL. Half an hour later, I heard somebody announcing "Kothapalli Sandeep-ICICI Prudential". I composed myself, went to the toilet and readied myself. At the interview room, two girls were there. I realised both of them were my batchmates who were placed the day before. They both wished me good luck and I suddenly felt good. [ Probably because both were pretty and hot!! ]. Fifteen minutes later I came out with mixed feelings. I had done well, but couldn't answer a technical question. I was praying that I get this one because ICICI was a respected company and offered me PPO. Half an hour later, the placecommer announced "Kothapalli Sandeep-ICICI Prudential". I laughed and declared that I have already given the interview. He laughed back at me and said that this is the second round!! I was shocked and .......shocked. I said to myself " C'mon Sandy". The second round was over in ten minutes sharp. I felt I flunked it cos I couldn't believe that he could judge me in ten minutes though he spoke positively. One hour later I was standing and waiting for my AIRTEL call when the placecommer announced "Kothapalli Sandeep [ He pronounced my surname in a weird manner and I felt like flattening his nose out!! ]- Central Tracking" I punched my fists. Yes, I got the job and that too in the marketing role which was what I had desired. I am proud I am the only Marketing guy among my dormmates placed in the summers. All others are the finance and consulting guys.
That moment was pure ECSTASY. It was Deja Vu. The true Sandy was back to his wits.
And Suddenly I thought the Divine Power blessed me saying "JEETEY RAHO"-The tagline of ICICI Prudential.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Was I a thief ??

hi folks,
This standard greeting will follow you in all my posts much the same way as thefts and thieves have followed me all these while. My tryst with thieves have been funnily painful, as in the way that I couldn't do anything about them, let alone report those thefts to the much feared POOOLEES THANA!! Allow me to describe the three encounters that I had with thieves whom I have never seen till date.
16th June 2003: In spite of mom saying that I should take the seven seater to the school, I took out my bike [ read bicycle ] which was shining as if new. I had cleaned it the day before and so it was ready to take me to the school where I had to complete my admission formalities to join eleventh standard. I parked it outside the school gate and went inside. After one hour I came back outside and needless to say the rest is history. It was very hard for me to forget this loss, as I often used to dream riding the bike to school on seeing others do the same.
25th May 2006: In november 2003, I won a bicycle as a consolation audience prize in 'The Hindu Quiz'. And again after enjoying it for three years, one fateful day I parked it inside my enginering college campus. Later in the evening, I found it missing. Rather I must say it was stolen. I couldn't even shed tears as it was raining. Drenched fully, I was left recalling the same experience I had precisely three years ago.
14/15 November 2009: I boarded the Navjeevan express from Warangal at 2015 hrs on my way back to IIM A. Dad wanted me to take the flight but I insisted on the train taking the cost factor into account. Never ever did I knew that this trip would cost me more than the flight ticket. The dates are ambiguous because the theft happened around midnight when I was fast asleep on the top berth. After having dinner, I slept at 2200 hrs. At around 0300 hrs, I woke up and came down to check my luggage. I had chained my two suitcases earlier. The one which had my laptop,passport and my new jeans along with some clothes was .... The other one was safe. I don't know whether the thief had any X-ray glasses with him or what, but he got it right. The chain was broken with the lock intact. Within a few minutes the railway police came, and the rest 17 hrs that I spent in the train was no less than hell for me. I could neither cry nor remain depressed for there were other passengers in the coach who knew about the theft. But fortunately not many were aware that I was the one. I experienced first hand how the police officials start their investigations. They do nothing but write a report and wash their hands off the matter.
And my life goes on... I wonder sometimes whether I was a thief in my pichley janm mein. And there's a pattern to these thefts. They have occurred right after three years and the value stolen physically and emotionally has only increased. And the funny part is, in all these thefts I had with me the keys to the locks which are now useless. I hope like the movie 2012 which depicts the destruction of earth in the year 2012, the same year which is 3 years from now doesn't bring with it yet another theft in my adventurous life!!