Saturday, September 19, 2009

Indian Military Vs Indian Society

Hii folks,
The other day I was watching this excellent movie "Shaurya" starring no superstars as such. But it packed quite a punch and effectively delivered the intended message. I was left wondering whether our armed forces are still the bearers of moral ethics and conduct. I am not being cynical here, because of late the number of cases of sexual harassment, rape, extrajudicial encounters ( read executions ), fragging and acts of treason, all involving soldiers of the Indian armed forces are increasing.
One might argue that this is the case with every country in the world. But we are not any country, we are India, which has a reputation and decorum associated by way of its noble deeds and bravery. We are losing the battle to terrorism and naxalism and the biggest of all evils-communalism. And the only antidote we have is the armed forces of our country. If we are to survive and grow as a nation, we must seriously introspect and look at the reasons of growing dissent amongst the soldiers. The primary reason I feel is the inability of the soldier to support his family financially. A typical Indian soldier will live in the harshest of the conditions provided he's in the right frame of his mind. And when thoughts of his family members not being able to eat 3 times a day, his wife struggling to pay their children's fees etc, then he's not to be completely blamed for the frustration which he shows on others through his actions that can reach the scale of unimaginable frightening proportions sometimes.
What should the government do in this case? Increase the salaries provided to the non-commisioned soldiers. But before that launch an active campaign to promote the armed forces as a lucrative career option amongst the youth. The manpower shortage will decrease and the burden in the present workforce shall lessen progressively. Why doesn't the government show ads promoting the armed forces in the prime time slot on television and radio channels?
I was and I am passionate about armed forces and though I missed my chances, but still would like to experience in layman terms "The Military life".


Saturday, September 5, 2009

On a more serious note.......

Hi folks,
Well it seems my very informal style of writing with lots of full stops didn't go down well with some readers or that is what I inferred from the feedbacks which I received. But I was appreciated for the content and generous doses of humour I try to put in my posts. Thank god I got some conditional positive strokes at least. So here I am writing again but this time taking care of every punctuation mark that I can !!
It was during last week, when it was raining a lot here at campus that I realised I haven't fully explored nature inside the campus. I was walking in the corridor at LKP and suddenly I noticed a Lapwing running on the lush green meadows looking for food. It was a visual treat to say the least !! Its been years since I have watched such exotic birds anywhere. I am quite sure there are many such birds out here. I have heard there are also Vultures inside the campus. Would love to watch one soon, if TIME permits. Perhaps I am making an excuse, I have to make time if I am really interested right !! With exams approaching, and the placement season starting soon I wonder if its of use nurturing such ambitions of bird watching etc etc. But who cares anyway, the CT guys use plastics as if they are gifted to them by GOD himself. One whole plastic cover for a small cup of Cold coffee. Does that make sense? But who cares ! I have seen people locking their rooms with the lights and fans still operating inside. But who cares anyway? The institute pays the bill right, or we have paid the bills right (read fees) !! I don't have the moral authority to preach because there have been instances where I was also guilty of not turning off lights when attending nature calls !! But folks, lets act like WIMWIANS yaar. I heard somebody commenting " What is this bullshit Vulture awareness week?" after he saw the poster near the mess notice board. Guys if you can't appreciate nature, then at least don't make such irresponsible comments. That's the least you can do for Mother Nature.
One fine day we all shall end up there from where we came from-"MOTHER NATURE".