Monday, February 1, 2016

Writers are special! Here's why...

I am a writer. Began my amateur stint as a blogger, almost six years back. It wasn't exactly the kind of start I would have desired. I was bad. But...
I persisted. 
And today. I have authored two novels - both of them self-published - with contrasting styles. The ride exactly hasn't been hunky dory though. I am not a celebrity novelist yet. Nevertheless, the confidence of having completed two books telling fictional stories in my unique way stands me in good stead in the corporate world. 
I now know that I can express what I think, in a way even the aam aadmi would be able to understand. In essence, verbal and written communication comes naturally to me. Same is the case with other 'good' writers as well. Moreover, writing a novel means that I had to be persistent and patient. Especially, given the fact that many writers endure phases, when the creative juices just stop flowing. I endured these phases, often known in the publishing realms as 'Writer's Block', and emerged victorious with scripts that eventually took the form of two books titled 'Once Smitten, Twice Shy, Thrice Lucky' and 'Blink!'.
I now make an assertion - 'Writers are special'.
Why? Writers - can be bloggers and/or authors - are inherently persistent, patient and have immense self-belief in their abilities. They learn, make mistakes, don't fear failure and eventually perform to deliver. Aren't those the very qualities desired in an employee? The very qualities a recruiter looks for in prospective candidates competing for a job.
Not that I am boasting! But yes, I can't help but analogize the inherent qualities a writer possesses with an ideal employee an organisation would love to employ. That's precisely the reason why I believe Writers are special and make for potentially great resource(s) in an organisation. Especially in critical projects with a high degree of uncertainty involved. That's exactly the kind of scenarios a writer encounters while working on a script/story.
To summarize, if you love writing, high chances are that you will make it good in the corporate world. Well, it's not always about good supervisors, is it? You need good communicators who with their immense self-belief are tenacious and never give up in the face of adversities. In writers, you have one ready-made!